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The Star Child 2019
The Star Child 2019
Chatroom 2019
Chatroom 2019
Wit, 2018
Yellow Moon, 2017
The Dead School, 2015
The Dead School 2015
Midsummer, 2014
Shay Mouse, 2013
Frank Pig Says Hello, 2012
Crestfall, 2012
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CRO 111140 | Charity Number: 8963


Introduction to Youth Theatre /Introduction to Improvisation

By Conor Geoghegan

Term 1: Introduction to Youth Theatre:


  • Connection, complicity and audience sensitivity

  • Listening 

  • Trust.

  • The game of theatre

  • Ensemble work

  • Voice

  • Movement

  • Character

  • Improv

  • Stage Craft


Term 2: Introduction to Improv

  •  Improv Basics

  • Movement

  • Voice

  • Characterisation

  • Scene Building

  • Game of Theatre

  • Give/Take of Improvisation

  • Who/What/Where of Improvisation

  • Stagecraft

  • Build our own improvisation show

  • Attachments area


Theatre Making: Tools for Making Theatre / My Kind of Theatre!

By Eilish McCarthy

Term 1 
Tools for Making Theatre
During this term young people will begin to explore the roles and tools of theatre makers. The group will investigate why people desire to tell stories on stage, and what kinds of stories we can tell on stage. Then in a fun and experimental environment, the group will be introduced to some of the different ways we as theatre makers can share these stories. 
In this term young people will gain experience in aspects of theatre such as

  • Characterisation

  • Script analysis

  • Directing

  • Devising

  • Ensemble

while also working on focus, confidence, presence, groupwork and performance skills. 
Through conversation, research, collaboration and creation the group will learn both from the tutor and from each other. The worth of every young person's experience and ideas is central to this course. At the end of term young performers will be encouraged to reflect on what is the beginning of their own “performers toolkit” and encouraged to embrace their skills, talents, achievements and learning.


Term 2 
My Kind of Theatre!
What Can Theatre Do?
At the beginning of this term every young person will be encouraged to reflect on their understanding of theatre, and on the aspects of theatre that excite them as individuals and as a group. This term will then focus on a student-led project which will be showcased at the end of term. 
What will OUR theatre do?
During this term young performers will develop vocal and physical performance techniques, alongside script analysis, devising and ensemble skills in a practical learning environment. This term will be an opportunity for young people to build on and utilise skills they may have developed outside of their Galway Youth Theatre training, as well as new skills gained over the term. 
Aside from performing, this term will provide an opportunity for young theatre makers to explore writing, directing, producing and designing as they create their end of term showcase. 




Andrew Flynn | Director

In his role, Andrew orchestrates the arranging of our theatre show by curating and unifying various endeavours and aspects of production. His function as the director is to ensure the quality and completeness of theatre production and to lead the members of the creative team into realizing their artistic vision for it.

Karen Arnold

General Manager

Karen graduated from UCD with a degree in English and History of Art, and from NUIG with a postgrad in Arts Administration. She has worked with Galway Arts Centre for four years, in the Visual Art Department, with Cúirt International Festival of Literature and most recently with Galway Youth Theatre

Conor Geoghegan | Tutor

Conor is a student of NUIG, Galway Youth Theatre, Ecole Philippe Gaulier and Artstrain (NAYD). Over the years he has worked with a variety of groups looking at movement, characterisation, improvisation and voice.

Eilish McCarthy | Tutor

Eilish is a Galway based actor and drama teacher. Since studying drama at NUIG she has performed and led drama workshops internationally with Emerald Isle Theatre Company. She has toured nationally with Decadent Theatre Company and Fregoli Theatre Company and performed with RTE Radio Drama and Druid Theatre Company.


"I learned so much as a member of Galway Youth Theatre and everyone is so supportive and encouraging. If you're considering joining, just do it!"

Tara Finn / Actress

"Galway Youth Theatre gave me an amazing opportunity to work with incredibly talented  people. It was a wonderful experience and as one of the younger members I felt constantly inspired and encouraged by those around me."

Rosa Mäkelä / Actress


CRO 111140 | Charity Number: 8963

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